EMC Center of Excellence

How do you lead an international branding process of one of the worlds biggest and most innovative tech company? Simple. You just need to be the best you can.

A strong brand identity should be memorable, wise and sustainable. This is a fact no-one can argue with. When you get the challenge to create a brand identity for a hi-tech giant corporation you know it's even trickier. In a non-stop-always-moving-forward field such as technology you need to step out of the ordinary to make a long lasting brand that will maintain its strength in the years to come.
EMC Center of Excellence is the company's recruiting division. It needs to be precise, to filter the most fit candidates, and also appealing, relevant and sexy, reflecting the benefits that make it such a desirable place to work at.
Our strategy focused on the aspirations of people who wake up each morning, go to work and want to make a difference. We wanted to attract motivators, tech enthusiasts and leaders, while empowering EMC's reputation as one of the worlds most innovative companies. The slogan "Leading Groundbreaking Technology" was chosen to to serve as the promise.
The outcome was a fun, young but also restrained looking campaign that keeps attracting the right kind of people to excel.