Biomedia is a branding identity and digital creative agency on a mission to inspire people to bring their art to life. We create sleek-and-lean design with the latest cutting-edge technology that complements the overall character and reputation of the client (if they want to, of course).

Bio – as in nature, and Media – as in, well… media.

Two words, combined, reflecting the touch of heart and soul we seek in our work. It may sound corny, and maybe it is, but a cliché is actually challenging once you take it seriously. And we do.

We opened our doors in the historical year of 2000' with a tiny event including a small amount of food and a lot of alcohol. Since that day, we never stopped working and complement ourselves for being one of the oldest and most experienced agencies in the field, and we have a long-tail portfolio to endorse this claim.

"Sorry, we don't make rockets"

What we do?

We possess some creative brains that can do very much as long as you ask them kindly. For example, we can make a very impactful and tasty cup of coffee for the people passing by. We also like to create cool, fun and inspiring stuff for our clients and we never say no to any design mission, even if it's not related to our core business target - digital experiences and products across web, tablet and mobile devices as well as creating a comprehensive branding identity process.

Every once in a while, we meet after-hours for a supreme cuisine evening hosted by the owner of the agency and his sous-chef helpers. If you want to stop by and participate, clap your hands once right now.

What we believe?

In a world of ever-changing technology and zero patience, where people are distracted by an endless amount of mechanic devices and flickering screens, we want something different rather than emotionless production services. We seek to find the little tiny corner of people's attention, hoping to fill it with warmth, laughter or inspiration. Sometimes even the whole three combined. We don't want to change the world (we think it's a good place to be living at), just make it a bit cleaner, breathable and nicer to stay at.

At the end of the day, we only want to make people happy. Cause, you know, Happy people = no wars.


Our way of doing things

First of all - we hate it when people see us just as a vendor or an aesthetic provider. Once we step into a project we become partners. No politics and no formality, our studio is an open-door playground. Our process is always transparent and collaborative, so you’ll always know where we are in the process: research, concept, sketch, design or program. Sometimes, if you behave, we let you take part in brainstorming meetings till our minds melt to create the best design solution for the project. As we mentioned, our studio is an open-door playground.

We believe design is much more than aesthetics. It's a whole set of solutions infused to create the most suitable product for your target audience, so we feel ourselves more than welcome to dig deep into your guts in order to simulate ourselves in your spot. After all, we're a team now, right?

Being green

We think earth is a really nice place and we want to thank it for being such a good host. When a print project reaches its final step (the printing step, dah!), we use only environment-friendly types of papers which own the ISO- I 4001 mark.

We don’t want to wear you out with facts and numbers, but it's important to know that the paper and pulp is third largest industrial polluter to air. So, please, try to cherish our cute little earth by using only the proper type of paper. As a designers, we own a great deal of responsibility. Let's use it wisely.

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