Hewlett Packard Enterprise launches new branding

We worked with many major companies and we always welcome great scale and challenging projects. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is certainly one of the greatest companies to decorate our portfolio.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise is the R&D segment of the great HP company and they needed to characterize the values of the company that will define the future of the brand.
Under the title "We Are R&D" there were five values:

We are the accelerator
We set the pace
We are dreamers
We are creative
We are sharp

Each value was dressed with an astonishing graphics and with some great live music and magical entertainment show creating an overall great design experience for the company's guests.
Part from the event branding, that includes invitations, e-mails, posters and graphic layout, we were in charge for the digital presentations UI elements.

Funtoad App

Branding Identity

Creative Concept, Digital Design, Print

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Amdocs Green

Responsive Website

Creative Concept, Digital Design

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Think Next 2015

Event Branding identity 

Creative Concept, Print and Digital Products

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