Park Bavli

Not often you get the chance to create and produce a print product with unlimited creativity, where the client is a 100% behind you. The real cracker is putting it all together under a tight time frame. Intoducing a special invitation for a unique event

We like paper. Especially when it's not bad for the environment. So, when we received a brief about creating a print invitation for a high-class event, we knew instantly that it will involve a high-class paper work.
We just didn't know it will turn into a mini-book...
The event included some top-of-the-line guest list and well-known "personas" from Israel. Accordingly, such a unique event has to have a unique and classy design. We were given the mission to create a marketing tool that informs the clients about the upcoming event. Once we've stepped in, we took advantage of the opportunity to work with high quality materials, such as the Fedrigoni ecological paper. We used 10 different kinds of paper, embedding and specialized cuts, foils and special paper-folding and much more.
You know you did something great once everyone else around start copying you, and that's just what happened...

The Park Bavli branding and logo perfectly made by: Dan Alexander & Co.