SAP Run Simple

Keep it simple is always the motto for an elegant look "We need to demonstrate our capabilities in a way people will understand what we do, and will enjoy understanding..."

Simply put, SAP is one of the world's biggest companies. However, their main product isn't that exciting to the common eye. So, when it came down to create a new booth for an important exhibition, they faced a challenge - Let people know they are a cool and innovative company. "OK" we said. Let's put on a show.
We knew the design had to be innovative in materials and interactive systems. The main attraction was the new product by SAP - a live annalist program, that was in use by the German National Team in the Brazil World Cup 2014. The bog screens showing football attracted the people in, and the unique shaped interactive station kept them interested in hearing more.
The yellow illuminated cieling and the black wall, were covered by fabric, giving the booth a whole new surprising effect.