Coca-Cola office, Central Beverage Company

How flattering is this? Ron Grinberg Architects approached us to design the new marketing offices of Coca-Cola, so we started thinking how cool it would be to create a whole space dedicated to the beloved brand. Only, we didn’t realize it wasn’t just one brand…

There's no need to introduce Coca-Cola, as it's the world's favorite beverage for decades. And it's a common fact that Fanta and Sprite are sub-brands of the Coca-Cola Company. As Israel's Central Beverage Company asked us to design and brand the interiors for their new marketing offices in Hod Hasharon, we knew we had to integrate Fanta, Sprite and Coca-Cola into our interior design.

Well, once we got to our first brief meeting, we were surprised to find out we had to take in consideration another 7 huge Israeli brands such as Tara (milk), Tavor (wine), Prigat (natural fruit juice), Carlsberg, Tuborg (beer), Fuze Tea (ice tea) and Neviot (natural water). In fact, it covers almost every drink this country has to offer…

So, how do you infuse so many big brands in a one floor office of the biggest beverage company in the country?

Easy – be as creative as you can be.
We started by dividing the space into sections, that each one represents a different brand, and each brand was given a concept from its own world of content. So, for example, we created cow spots on the corrugated metal to represent the milk brand of the company, Tara, we used a magnification image of the pulp of an orange to represent Prigat, which is the fresh juice brand and a quotation regarding a beer to highlight Carlsberg brand.

The graphics of the stripes on the glass walls around the space were inspired from the Coca-Cola logo.

At the end of the day people love to come to work, feeling more engaged with the brand they represent and smile a bit more than before.

Mission accomplished.