How cool it is to bring the streets of Tel Aviv to a start-up company offices. We worked with some of the most talented street artists in the country to create this jaw-dropping interior design.

Worldmate is a traveling all-around solution app, that just moved to an attractive new location - the 29th floor in the triangular tower of Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv.
The company is young and vibrant, the location is sexy so the design should match it perfectly. The keywords were urban, young and cool. The solution came out through some bold graphic styles for the wallpapers and door numbering and some street art to cover a large piece of wall there. We were in charge of the visual designing of the space, offices, conference rooms, signage, space branding and the company's timeline wall. The main entrance back wall, the glass doors and an interactive wall, including a wide screen TV changeable content, were also taken care of.
The comments of the people who walked in, and the wide range publicity of the project all over the web, told us we did a great job.